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Compost Hubs

Food ED is partnering with schools, cities, and community gardens to help implement creative ways to repurpose food scraps. We currently have 3 public compost hubs we manage for public use.

Monrovia Community Garden Compost bin


The Monrovia Community Garden is host to our compost bin that is open 24/7. Located behind the garden in the alley off of Colorado and Magnolia, you are welcome to drop off the appropriate kitchen scraps in this bin at any time. There are browns on site in the trash bins to cover your kitchen scraps. Please use those as it layers the compost and keeps it healthy. See list below to see what is accepted. 

Visit for more information.

Wildrose Ave Hub
in Monrovia

Wild Rose hub.jpg

NOW OPEN!  The brand new bin in Monrovia will be open 24/7 and available to residents in East Monrovia. It is located at the T of Wildrose Ave. and Jasmine Ave. There are browns on site in the bin for your use. Please follow signage below for what is accepted and not accepted.  

More details to come. 

Arcadia Community Compost bin

ACB .jpg

NOW OPEN: Arcadia Community Compost bin is open to residents of Arcadia. Located at 20 W. Duarte Rd. in the Arcadia Library Parking Lot. You can learn more and register at

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