School Gardens

Food ED works with grades K-12 on innovative and STEAM focused garden and edible education. We work with your school to determine what the needs and desires are while bringing in an expert team to lead sessions and build food and pollinator gardens. 


Santa Fe Middle School

Monrovia, CA

Santa Fe is home to our first in-school pollinator education space. The sign features local plants, a butterfly habitat and a bioswale for hands on learning. Our teams helped the school with an iNaturalist catalogue of all of their new plants and critters as well. 

We are currently trying to get funding and sponsors for their new outdoor eco-lab learning space. More updates to come.

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 2.08.36 PM.png



The new vegetable garden at Plymouth Elementary is built and ready to launch this fall to our garden explorers. Plymouth will be partnering with us for our garden program (K-3) and junior researcher program (4-5).  

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Monrovia, CA

Bradoaks Elementary Science Academy is home to one of our K-3 garden programs and our 4-5 junior researcher program. We also helped them install a weather station, outdoor chalkboard, station and outdoor magnetic playboard. 

Monrovia, CA
Educational & Environmental Impacts

Research demonstrates that garden programs in schools are cost effective and cost-saving, improve student and staff productivity and health, there is increased engagement and critical thinking skills. Students also increase their civic skills while preparing for green jobs of the future. (Source: US Dept. of Education)

Pollinator and efficient vegetable gardens reduce water usage in areas where there was grass by 60-70% while helping to sequester carbon. They promote healthy activity and STEAM learning while also aiding pollinator and ecosystem restoration. The benefits are many; we are happy to share our full educational and environmental impact report or customize one for your school or community.